We can’t continue our mission to positively impact healthcare without more great people. LifeSignals Imaging currently delivers a value-based, “anytime, anywhere” solution for the viewing, reporting, distributing, data sharing, and archiving of medical imaging and relevant data. But now, after 9 years of operating a successful and growing business, we are also vastly expanding our platform in terms of global reach and platform solutions. We are bringing well-tested technologies to the healthcare sector, and helping to transform the delivery of care. In an industry which believes that saving information to CDs is progressive, we're empowering clinicians, payers, and ultimately consumers, to control their medical imaging and some of their most critical healthcare data.

The LifeSignals Imaging UltraLinq solution is delivered through the cloud and offered under a software as a service model, addressing key concerns of the marketplace, including clinically valuable tools, cost-savings, reduction of capital investment, reducing the need for specialized IT infrastructure, HIPAA compliance, and improved workflow for physicians, technicians, and administrators.

If the positions listed here aren't a great fit for you, then please feel free to just contact us at careers@ultralinq.com. We don't want to miss out on great people just because we write terrible job postings.

  • 401k with match

  • (Mature) team activities (like book club, volunteering, etc.)

  • Great health insurance.

  • Reimbursement of some vacation costs.

  • Make yourself better grants.

  • Volunteer Time Off (paid)